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Site Backups Performed
Backed Up Data
Optimized Databases
Plugins Updated

Complete Control

Realise the power that comes from having complete, centralized control over your whole network of WordPress Websites

Enterprise Security

With built-in 2-Factor Authentication, IP address restrictions, Encryption-As-Standard, your sites and your data are secured. Integration

Install plugins and themes directly from, just like you normally do. You can also upload ZIP files or install from URLs.

Fewer Plugins = Less Bloat

With integrated optimization features and tools such as Google Analytics, you have fewer plugins to manage on each of your sites.

What do our clients say about us?

If you’re frustrated with similar plugins, you have to give iControlWP a try. I made the switch and haven’t looked back even once.

Eric Chapman, Digital Denizens LLC

I tried ManageWP previously but iControlWP won big time. The integrated super fluent backups are much better than ManageWP’s.

Craig Grella, OrgSpring

If you’re thinking about using iControlWP, just do it. You’ll never look back. I cannot stress how important iControlWP will become to you and/or your business.

Jose Gonzalez, iSetupStores

For me iControlWP is the perfect tool for a web developer supporting multiple clients.

Tony Consentino, The WordPress Guy

iControlWP is top notch.
Support gets back to you in a matter of minutes, not days, and the service works well. The control panel has a nice UI, and allows for complete management of your WordPress installs.

Barnabas Nagy, Common Sense UX

If you haven’t signed up to iControlWP or WorpDrive yet, I urge you to do so. Whether you have one or… a multitude of sites that need careful monitoring of the updates to plugins and themes – I’m sure you’ll find iControlWP and WorpDrive to be of great value to you.

Toby Drysdale, Gimme Media

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