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By 10th April 2013 January 22nd, 2016 iControlWP: Manage WordPress Better

iControlWP WordPress Management LogoOne week ago, iControlWP underwent the single largest upgrade since it first release 9 months ago.

It brought in a whole host of new features and paves the way for many more.

Some of the new features have already been outlined in previous articles:

In this article, I’m going to outline a little bit more about the new changes that come with this latest update.

An all-new user experience with new features and a responsive UI design

Here are just a couple of the comments we’ve received about the new interface:

“Love the new interface, much easier to use.”

“*stunning* job on the new interface!”

“Wonderfully straight forward”

The new user interface has gone through a complete re-make with focus on responsiveness for small screens and less page loading.

iControlWP loads many of the pages once, and doesn’t reload them. It lets you jump around wherever you need to go without long and tedious page loading.

We had already optimized our page loading, but now it’s even faster.

We’ve also done a lot of work with the actual functionality of the service. Before, where we would schedule jobs to be done in the backup, we do them there and then making performing management tasks instantaneous.

The only way to appreciate the new system is to experience it for yourself, or you can look at the screenshot above to get an idea.

Improved Plugins and Themes Managers

We all know how incredibly difficult it is to get a handle on what plugins are installed on what sites.

With iControlWP you get a clear view all plugins and how they’re installed on all your sites. You can break it down by individual plugins, the plugins on a particular site, or all plugins.

Whatever way you need to see the information, you can do with iControlWP.

At any point, you can install a plugin, activate it, deactivate, uninstall, and you can do that on any site and any plugin.

All the same goes for Themes management too.

Much improved support with an integrated support centre, live chat, and ticket tracking

If there’s one thing our customers tells us time and time again, it’s that they love our support.

We believe support is as critical to customer satisfaction as the product features itself.

So, we did away with our old email-style support system in favour of Freshdesk support centre.

The advantages with this system are huge:

  1. Lifetime tickets – you can view, track and review all your support tickets for your account.
  2. Much smoother integration with the iControlWP system.
  3. Their support for us is great, they seem nice people, and they’re a startup in the helpdesk/support sector and we like to support that wherever we can.
  4. Integrated FAQs and Forum (which we hope to start using more in the future)

Why wait to start making your WordPress management work easier?

If you’ve read all this and you’re still not convinced that iControlWP is worth it, then it probably never will be.

But, if you want to experience our highly rated customer support service, an awesome suite of WordPress management tools, then sign-up for your free 30 day iControlWP trial that let’s you manage unlimited sites.

It’s free to get started using the form below.

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