Agree with all of your comments Paul. I got caught …

By 10th April 2020 Uncategorised

Comment on Beware New WordPress Security Theat: The WordPress Misinformation Virus by Mark W.

Agree with all of your comments Paul. I got caught out with this, and I should have known better. I used one of the very popular security plugins which appeared to be comprehensive. I used it everywhere, until a site was hacked by a group in Tunisia. The popular security plugin did not detect anything, and yet the site was defaced. I was (unrealistically) expecting more from it.
Anyone that gets locked out of their site by accident knows that you just need to reset the router, you will get a new IP address and can then login with the correct details.

However what would be more useful in terms of an article is to describe the principles behind your plugin, what it is doing and why it is doing it rather than focusing on the negative aspects of what everyone else is doing. You are not going to change the world in this forum. But for those that are following you, a better understanding of things you can do to protect your site, and common methods used by hackers would be more positive and higher value.