I have to commend you a fine article and want …

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Comment on Beware New WordPress Security Theat: The WordPress Misinformation Virus by Diane B.

I have to commend you a fine article and want to add a few other lessons I learned the hard way here.
Some security programs infiltrate your root core just like a virus, I went thru 2 of the most popular ones before find your plug in and all kinds of problems that ended up unfixable by my previous host.
The 2nd one that I think is really outdated for WordPress by now, is the address of Admin to a new account. As a newbie I didn’t know that was a quick way for hackers to get into your site and was promptly hacked. I had to read that in a self help book to change it immediately when it should have been something WordPress tells you.
I really like Simple Firewall and have Sucuri with and have not had any problems. Both programs seem to compliment each other well and don’t change root files to do it.