Hi Paul, thanks for your post, though on the lengthy …

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Comment on Beware New WordPress Security Theat: The WordPress Misinformation Virus by george.

Hi Paul, thanks for your post, though on the lengthy side. I think this problem is a direct fall out of the internet where any junk can be package as information. We may be very concerned about misinformation as it affects the security plugin in particular, but I bet there is a lot of misinformation floating around the net. Some even packaged as paid products for sale to gullible persons.

I believe it is incumbent on every webmaster to endeavor to check and cross-check their source of information before dishing it out for public consumption. We can only achieve this noble objective if informed people like you alert us.

Thanks very much for your concern.

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Part 1, Why We Built the Shield Security Plugin for WordPress
Hi iControlWP Team, I am so glad I stumbled on your site. I operate an Amazon Affiliate blog which I hope will generate income in coming months. And I am aware of attacks, even brute force attacks by hackers on wordpress blogs. So I cannot imagine running a blog of this status without securing it one way or another.
Your simple firewall plugin as the name suggests might be small, but may turn out to be highly effective security wise. Above all, it is free. What else than that we all pray your project will continue to grow from strengh to strengh and the web will be the better for it.

Thanks and God bless!