Hey Paul, any update on this? Or did I miss …

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Comment on Never Miss An Expired Domain Name Again by Roy Randolph.

Hey Paul, any update on this? Or did I miss it?



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Eliminate Hacker Files With The WordPress File Security Bouncer
Sounds good to me.
Just FYI since we have full control over our entire environment, cloud servers, network etc, we run Linux Malware Detect (Maldet) to scan not just the WordPress files mention but all files/directories.

Any issue with the two working together (Shield Central Scanning and Maldet)? I am thinking not, but wanted to ask anyway.

Thanks for the great work you and your team does Paul.

Shield Central Set For Its Debut Release!
Hello Paul – Liking the changes you are making, nice work, happy to be one of your clients.

In regards to your question “I’d be curious to hear what was causing the delay?”
I do know from using the Let’s Encrypt cPanel plugin, that if the site you are setting up the Let’s Encrypt is behind a WAF (Web Application Firewall, like Sucuri or CloudFlare) the domain name can not be validated and the Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate will not be issued. So you need to deactivate the WAF before issuing the Certificate. The NEW Automatic cPanel FREE SSL Certificate in conjunction with cPanel and COMODO (which is really nice) also has the same restrictions. No sure if this is the same issue @Abdulwahab Suleiman was having.

So, just FYI.

Google Authenticator Backups – The Right Way To Do Two Factor Authentication
Hi Paul

Same here, have some other control panels that is using Google Authenticator, I have not implemented because of the same issue.
Will give this a go and see how well it works. But you know if you are in an area with decent coverage for SMS while traveling, that means more than likely your data to the internet is going to be spotty as well.

Thanks for the heads up on this.

How-To: Scan for WordPress security vulnerabilities automatically every single day
Paul thanks for making the right decision. Our WordPress security arsenal just became better.

How To: 100% Trouble Free Email for WordPress with Mailgun

Thanks for this WordPress email tip, going to have to try it.

I have been setting up WordPress emails using our 3rd party system, while good, it does limit the number of emails per day.

I will have to give this a try.

~ Roy

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