Hi Paul, I just migrated my WP site to a new …

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Comment on WordPress CloudFlare Flexible SSL – Making It Work by Chris.

Hi Paul,

I just migrated my WP site to a new hosting package that offers a complimentary SSL certificate that they will install (hopefully later today). Up to this point, my site was using the Cloudflare “Flexible” setting because I didn’t have a server-side SSL Certificate. Once installed, my understanding is that I would switch the Cloudflare SSL setting to “Full” or “Full strict” (not sure which is better–if you can offer council on that, I’d appreciate it). In that case, would it be best for me to deactivate and delete the “Cloudflare Flexible SSL” plugin? Is there risk that it could create conflict with my site if it remains active? If I should remove it, could you give me the proper order of operations for deactivation so I can avoid creating an internal site conflict? Not sure if I would deactivate the plugin first and then switch to the Cloudflare “Full” setting or vice-versa.

Perhaps there is no risk to simply leaving it active but my preference would be to remove it if it is not necessary to reduce the number of installed plugins on my site.

Thanks Paul! Very much have appreciated how well the “Cloudflare Flexible SSL” plugin has worked for my site to date.


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