Thanks a lot pal! You really helped me with these …

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Comment on WordPress CloudFlare Flexible SSL – Making It Work by Kat.

Thanks a lot pal! You really helped me with these instructions.

Since Google announced that SSL would matter to their ranking algorithms, I really wanted to implement it on my site.

I believe that Flexible SSL is seen by Google as a secure site, and that will help a little; that’s my purpose. I not so concerned with security, because I’m using a few security plugins, plus the security that Cloudflare provides.

I tried another tutorial using this plugin and changing the protocol inside WP admin to https – it broke my site.

With your instructions and your plugin I was able to finally make everything work smoothly! Every single page – even when I type the domain only, without http or https, redirects to https and loads without any problem.

In fact, it took me some time to change all the links and references that were preventing some pages to be seen as secure.

I found a plugin that you could recommend to your audience:

It is hard to edit every plugin we use, and some of them, I don’t know why, just force http, instead of https, preventing some pages to have the secure status.

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