HI, I installed and activated your plugin (CloudFlare Flexible SSL) …

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Comment on WordPress CloudFlare Flexible SSL – Making It Work by Bhupen.

HI, I installed and activated your plugin (CloudFlare Flexible SSL) and its not working.. am i missing something here. as per the instruction, after activating the plugin i went on typing https://apexworld.com.au but the browser takes me to my hosting servers welcome page. So now i don’t know what to do. So, I was wondering if you could help me on this.

– I have a permanent redirect in my server setting i.e., any www. redirect to http://apexworld.com.au
– I have a ithemes security and w3total cache plugin enabled in this site.
– i have an active flexible cloud flare account with flexible ssl enable in setting. But have not used the page rule since the tutorial says do it at last when everything is running properly.

I would really appreciate if you could tell me if any of the plugin or setting is affecting this.


Bhupen T.

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