I’m a long time paid Cloudflare user on three sites, …

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Comment on WordPress CloudFlare Flexible SSL – Making It Work by Mark.

I’m a long time paid Cloudflare user on three sites, all running Flexible SSL, and running the official Cloudflare plugin. Last week I received an email from Cloudflare saying I should create a page rule to 301 rewrite my page from http to https. I’ve done that on one of my sites and all is working well.

However, I’m left with one question: should I change the http protocol URLs on my pages and posts to https? I know I don’t need to to make my site work — it currently works great. But I’m wondering if somehow in Google’s eyes that there is some problem — specifically, am I losing any link juice between my pages and posts because the actual page source shows http in my links, but they are pointing to https.

And I see that if I decide to change the URLs, there is a 4.5 star highly downloaded plugin called Velvet Blues Update URLs, so I would not have to manually make the changes. But it does make me very nervous. 🙂

Thanks. I hope people are still reading this great comment thread.

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