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By 17th July 2012 April 19th, 2016 iControlWP: Manage WordPress Better

iControlWP WordPress Management LogoNew iControlWP WordPress Manager functionality available: The iControlWP Plugin Manager

With the latest iControlWP WordPress Manager feature, you have finer control of plugins across your whole WordPress network.

Read on to learn more about the iControlWP Plugin Manager

What is the iControlWP WordPress Plugin Manager?

To manage your sites, typically you do the same task, at the same time, across all your sites.

Without a tool like iControlWP, you must jump between each site, repeating the same task. That’s a bit of a pain. iControlWP removes the need for this – you can review with an overview and manage each one in turn.

Consider the scenario where a new plugin is released, that’s currently installed on most of your sites. But.. you want to selectively update this plugin on only a subset of your WordPress sites.

There are a couple of ways to achieve this, but most convenient is the dedicated Plugin Manager.  It offers a clear view of all plugins with updates available on all your sites.

You can select a collection of plugins, or just focus on the 1. You then have the following options. You can:

  • update one plugin on one site
  • update one particular plugin on all/selected sites
  • update all/selected plugins on one particular site
  • update all/selected plugins on all/selected sites

If you really need bulk update – that is, update a plugin on all sites, the Overview is good for this.  If you want to pick and choose, use the Plugin Manager.

Launch the WordPress plugin manager now.

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