How To: Optimize WordPress Databases

By 5th July 2012 April 20th, 2018 iControlWP: Manage WordPress Better, WordPress Guides

iControlWP WordPress Management LogoThere’s a lot of talk about how to optimize WordPress, making it even faster.

More speed! Faster page loads!

Cache this! Compress that!

Should I use a CDN? Is cloud hosting faster?

There are a lot of questions, and many angles to tackle the never-ending quest for more speed.

It’s easy to forget what’s actually important – WordPress itself.

In this article, I’m going to tackle optimizing the WordPress database. (Don’t worry, it’s easy!)

One option to optimize WordPress websites – more plugins(!)

You read on a site you need to “optimize” your WordPress site and it turns out, “My Super WP Optimizer Pro” plugin does just that! (I just made that name up – don’t go and search for it.)

So you install it. And what have you done? You’ve added yet another plugin to your website.

Your WordPress site now has even more code to process with every page load.

You need to remember: WordPress = Lots of PHP code + a Database

WordPress optimization starts at home.

It doesn’t matter how much caching you have, whether you use a CDN, whether you host on the “cloud”, or whatever other funky new features you pay too much money for.

WordPress optimization starts on the WordPress site. Simple.

So how do you optimize your WordPress site?

Easy, you have 2 options (given what WordPress is):

  1. Optimize your PHP code (reduce it / make it better), and
  2. Optimize your WordPress database.

Your quest for WordPress optimization is less php code and a smaller, leaner database.

Let’s start our optimization with the WordPress database.

WordPress Database Optimization – the iControlWP Way

When you connect your WordPress sites to iControlWP, you have access to a growing set of tools to manage and optimize your WordPress sites.

When you manage WordPress with iControlWP you have the ability to optimize your WordPress database without installing another WordPress plugin (i.e. less code on your site).

This new functionality lets you review your WordPress database and if you feel it’s necessary, optimize it.

Not only that, you can select all your iControlWP WordPress websites at once and optimize them all!

A lean, clean WordPress database is the perfect foundation, and iControlWP lets you achieve this in seconds.


Optimize WordPress with iControlWP Today – it’s free!

The iControlWP advantage is already clear – hundreds of people have already signed-up to manage and admin their WordPress sites with iControlWP.

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