iControlWP: Features Update May 8th

By 8th May 2013 January 14th, 2016 iControlWP: Manage WordPress Better

It hardly seems 2 days ago since we released a host of new features to our multiple WordPress manager.

But we’re at it again. There’s nothing revolutionary here, but some of you have been asking for these so we’ve answered 🙂

We have new ways to install WordPress plugins, you can now ignore updates, and we’ve made it easier to target the sites you want to manage.

Read on to find out more.

Feature: ability to install plugins from zip files

Install WordPress Plugins/Themes by file upload

Install By File Upload

A couple of weeks ago we added the feature where you could give us the URL to a plugin or theme file and iControlWP will install it to any and all sites you wish.

We’ve tweaked this feature to now let you upload any plugin zip file directly to iControlWP and we’ll send that out to the sites you want too.

This will take longer than the install by URL option because you’ll need to upload it, but it’s helpful for those who have the packages on their local computers and don’t have a publicly accessible URL to it.

Feature: Ignore plugin and theme updates

Ignore Plugin/Theme Updates

Ignore Plugin/Theme Updates

You now have the ability to ignore updates for plugins and themes.

This new addition will pave the way for a new service we’ll be adding that will automatically upgrade plugins and themes for you.

So how does the ignore features work exactly?  When a particular plugin on a particular site is set to be ignored:

  • When you use iControlWP to update all plugins for a site, this plugin on this particular site will be skipped and will not be updated.
  • When you use iControlWP to update all plugins of a given name across all your sites, and this plugin’s name corresponds to an ignored plugin on a site, the update for that particular site will be skipped.
  • When you use iControlWP to update all plugins on all sites, for all plugins on all sites that are set to be ignored, the updates for these will be skipped.
  • You will not be able to use the update button to immediately update the plugin in place. You will have to un-ignore the plugin first, and then the button will become active.  This is to prevent against accidental clicks.

The same rules go for themes.

To ignore a plugin/theme, you simply click the ignore button. To un-ignore, click the same button. Easy!

We have decided to maintain the display on the interface about updates.  In this way you can always see that updates are available for a site, even though they’re ignored.

Fun Feature: Website Favicons help you identify which site you want to manage

I’m a visual oriented person and I know many other people are to. It’s just easier to find what you want with a pictures and less text.

Favicons on your web browser help with this.

So, we’ve added a favicon to key places in the interface – the site jump list, the sites listing page, the header title of the manage site page.

This makes it all the more easy to find what you want, and of course brightens the place up a bit 🙂

What’s next – that’s up to you!

Let us know what you want to see next in iControlWP to make your WordPress management that much better.

If you’re not using our service yet, why not sign-up below for the free trial and get started today!  You wouldn’t be the only one.

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