Increased iControlWP Security: Account PIN

By 26th November 2012 January 22nd, 2016 iControlWP: Manage WordPress Better, WordPress News and Updates

iControlWP WordPress Management LogoAt iControlWP our goal is to help you do more, in less time, with your WordPress sites.

At the same time, security is a top priority for iControlWP.

We’re constantly improving our systems to ensure all data is secure and protected.

And today we’ve released an update to protect you further: Account PINs.

What is the iControlWP Account PIN?

We know that typing in a password every time you want to do something can be a serious pain.

Of course, you must always log into your iControlWP account using your password, but we’ve now added the ability to create an account PIN.

This PIN will protect certain iControlWP features on your WordPress sites.

For example, iControlWP lets you log into all your WordPress sites with the click of a button. We think this feature should have an extra layer of protection.

If we were to protect it with your account password, we see 3 potential problems:

  1. you’re might decide to chose a less-secure account password that’s easier to remember, or
  2. you use a password manager to remember your password – if someone gets access to your browser or your manager, you’re in trouble, or
  3. typing in your password makes the service so user-unfriendly that you wont use it. And that would make us sad 🙁

This is why the Account PIN has been created – you can chose a PIN number of at least 4 digits and use this to access certain restricted features on your iControlWP account.

That way, there is no big password to remember, and all sensitive account features are protected by a second security layer.

Win – Win!

How does the secure PIN feature work?

It’s easy. If you haven’t set a PIN, you’ll just enter your account password where prompted to do so.

To setup your PIN, go to your Account Profile in iControlWP, then select the ‘Password and PIN’ tab.

Enter your existing account password (the PIN cannot be set without this) in the first box, and supply your PIN (as seen in the screen-shot below).

iControlWP Password and PIN

Password and PIN Security

Once this PIN has been set, each time you try to access a iControlWP feature that we feel is sensitive enough to require a PIN, you will be prompted to enter it:

iControlWP: Enter Password or PIN dialog

Enter Password or PIN prompt

We feel this greatly enhances and complements iControlWP‘s growing list of security features and protections.

There are more planned, but we trust that our efforts so far indicate how much importance we place on your account data and its security.

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