Introducing Shield – The Professional WordPress Security Solution

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Say hi to Shield – the professional security solution for WordPress.

Shield is a new-kid-on-the-block (2013) and is the (jointly) high-rated WordPress security plugin. It’s the best for huge variety of reasons – the most critical is that we keep your websites secure.

Why ‘Shield’?

The WordPress Simple Firewall began as a rewrite of the WordPress Firewall 2 plugin. It was a very old plugin that was actually quite effective in its simplicity.

But we quickly adapted the plugin to serve many other needs we had. As our dissatisfaction grew with existing security plugins, we kept adding to it.

We have received heaps of support from loyal users who love its simplicity and rock-solid reliability. It became obvious to us that our approach to security was resonating with many people.

A lot of security plugins out there are “me too” plugins. If 1 plugin implements a feature, then they all follow suit. This behaviour perpetrates a number of security misconceptions. If some “security” plugins have a particular feature, then to not have it means you appear vulnerable and lacking, in comparison.

We see this differently. We implement only features that serve a tangible, significant benefit. If it doesn’t, we don’t do it.

We keep things simple.

But a ‘simple’ implementation implies, to many people, simplistic. Our plugin is hugely powerful, but our old name suggests otherwise.

We’d previously tried to shift our name to “WordPress Security Firewall”, but it was lame, and actually caused confusion.

A new, bold name was need and ‘Shield‘ was it.

Shield Pro vs Shield Free

Shield Pro is provided to all our iControlWP customers. We go into detail here about what exactly the difference is.

Suffice it to say, Shield Free is still the same plugin with all the same great features. The difference being Premium support, and a lack of any of the central management advantages provided by iControlWP.

If you want Pro, go sign-up for a trial with iControlWP and get your sites connected.  Not only do you get Shield Pro, but you get automatic WordPress offsite backups, but much more besides, including:

  • bulk plugins / themes management
  • database optimization tools
  • cleanup tools
  • Google Analytics insertion (no need for extra GA plugins)
  • WordPress users and comments management
  • Reporting, white labelling and more!

Questions, Comments and Suggestions?

We’re here for you… your feedback molds the service we offer.

Let us know what you think or if you have any questions about Shield Pro.

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