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By 11th August 2015 April 11th, 2017 WordPress News and Updates

worpdrive-logoWorpDrive is one of, if not, the most reliable WordPress backup systems available today at any price.

We’ve always been torn about how we price it, however, but we’re set to release a major update to the pricing in the next few weeks which will make it more accessible and help scale with your operations as you grow. The purpose of this article is to explain what the change is, and how it will affect you.

What we’re going to change

We’re making Worpdrive much more accessible – that is, we’re going to help you to scale up your offering to your clients. What does this mean exactly?  Instead of paying a fee for each site you add to Worpdrive, you can now add Worpdrive to all your sites and you pay no extra for the privilege. Instead of applying fees per site, we are fixing costs based on the disk space used by your site backups. This means your costs of management scale directly with the size of your websites in your portfolio.

So what does this mean exactly for you?

It can mean a lot, or nothing.  If you already have Worpdrive, your subscription will not change.  You can upgrade your subscription to the new model if you think you will benefit financially – we’re pretty sure that you would.

If you upgrade to the new Worpdrive, we will create a dedicated disk storage for you – think of it like a private Dropbox for your WordPress backups. This dedicated disk storage will have a fixed cost and size, and your account subscription will only ever reflect how many of these storage blocks you use.

This is exactly how Dropbox works, right? They give you 1TB of storage for a fixed cost each month and while sure, you don’t use your whole 1TB allowance, you still pay the same each month regardless. This lets you budget your costs with no surprises. Worpdrive will now work in exactly the same way – we’ll provision a set amount of storage for your sites. Your costs will be fixed, yet they scale perfectly with your operations – when you exceed your original disk provision, you’ll get another block at a fixed cost.

Why are we making this change now?

If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll know we’ve changed our pricing model for WorpDrive a few times.  Honestly, it’s something we’ve struggled with, and here is why…

We’ve always wanted to offer our clients full access to our control panel without feature gating (as our competitors do).  That is to say, for example, if you want to add Worpdrive backup to a site, you are free to add it to any single site, at any time. We have achieved this, but at the cost of complexity in our pricing.

This pricing complexity has been difficult for us to implement, and difficult for you to understand. We could offer “pricing tiers”, but this introduces feature gating, and we don’t want that. Not only that, it doesn’t scale because one site that uses 1GB of storage data is charged at the same rate as a site that uses 50GB of storage data and arbitrary pricing tiers don’t handle this properly.

The solution is to offer a pricing structure that scales with your cumulative sites’ data storage across your whole portfolio. This simplifies pricing for you because you know that if you add another site to your Worpdrive you don’t really pay any more than before – your costs are fixed. We can now offer better pricing to our clients because we know that our costs scale directly with your usage – this is something we have sought from the very beginning.

When is the change due?

We haven’t fixed the date just yet… we’re still finalizing and testing the system. Expect it no later than the end of August, and hopefully before then.

How much will it cost?

We haven’t finalized the costs of this yet.

Paving the way for the future of iControlWP

This change is the first of many coming your way. Next up is our new range of add-ons and extensions. Again, you will always be able to activate these add-ons on your account without any feature gating – no restrictive pricing tiers. We’ll have more to say about this as we get closer, but for now, it’s just something to look forward to!


You know where to find me… you can email me at [email protected] or raise a ticket in the helpdesk. 😀

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