How To: Optimize and Clean Up WordPress using iControlWP

By 11th July 2012 April 20th, 2018 iControlWP: Manage WordPress Better, WordPress Guides

iControlWP WordPress Management LogoA WordPress clean up is rarely a once-off – keeping WordPress optimized is an ongoing process.

WordPress needsyou to keep on top of it, tuning it here, and cleaning it there.

To help keep your WordPress clean and optimized, we’ve just added another new feature to iControlWP: WordPress Clean Up

What iControlWP WordPress Clean Up is and Why You Need It

As we saw in the last WordPress optimization article, iControlWP can compact your databases, making WordPress clean, lean, and fast.

You need to do this regularly on each of your sites.

iControlWP WordPress Clean Up is different – it will remove excess data stored in your database that you no longer need.

What sort of data is that?

There are several different types that iControlWP can clean for you:

  • Post Revisions: WordPress will save revisions of each of your posts/pages as you save new versions of them. If you’re happy with the latest revisions and don’t have any intention to revert to an older version of your posts, cleaning out post revisions is a smart idea and great database space saver.
  • Auto-drafts: You’ll have noticed that as you’re composing your master pieces, WordPress is constantly making mini-saves in the background. This is so that if your browser suddenly crashes, you’ll have an “Autosave” available – a bit like Microsoft Word auto-saves but far more reliable ;-). iControlWP provides the option to get rid of these too.
  • SPAM comments – who doesn’t have SPAM comments? (Though it’s always worth reviewing your SPAM for legitimate comments – especially if you use Akismet)
  • Unapproved comments – this option is provided for completion, but it’s probably not the best idea to bulk-delete all your unapproved comments from your sites.
  • Auto-database optimize – this makes use of the previously added feature and optimizes your WordPress database following your clean up.

As we hope you’re beginning to see, iControlWP WordPress admin is all about speed and making your WordPress life easier

iControlWP will also save your “Clean Up” preferences per site, so that each time you do it on one of your sites, you don’t have to re-select your options every time.

The WordPress Admin – iControlWP Advantage

As we touched upon before, WordPress = PHP Code + Database.

To improve performance you need less/better PHP code, and a smaller/leaner databases.

With iControlWP WordPress admin to manage your websites, you achieve both of these.

With iControlWP‘s integrated functionality your websites need fewer plugins. You can also optimize your WordPress databases both by cleaning out unnecessary data and by compacting the database itself.

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