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By 4th November 2015 January 14th, 2016 iControlWP: Manage WordPress Better

iControlWP WordPress Management LogoToday sees the official release of our next new add-on feature: White Label Re-Branding

It’s simple, with this add-on enabled you can now re-brand the iControlWP plugin with your own custom business name, business logo, and outgoing links.

White Labelling – Own Your Brand

White Labelling isn’t for everyone, but it gives you options. If your business is founded on the management of WordPress websites, then white labelling can help you deliver your services within a personal and unique brand.

Instead of your clients seeing our iControlWP plugin, they’ll instead see your plugin. They wont be aware of the middle-man and it’ll help to round out your service offering, making it more professional and holistic.

Your brand is you and your service. The last thing you need is your clients seeing our logo on their WordPress sites.  It’s not professional and it makes your offering a commodity that anyone can get.

White Label – How It Works

We listened to your feedback on our initial White Label beta and we’ve put in a white label system that is easy to use and meets the needs of the small and larger organization.

With our White Label service, it’s all automatic – you create the brand profile and then simply apply it to the sites you want.

And yes, you can have multiple profiles on the same account making it easy to offer your services under any number of brands.

Each white label profile has 5 elements:

  1. Company Name / Title
  2. Company Tagline
  3. Company Homepage URL
  4. Company Logo URL – 16px by 16px
  5. Company Logo URL – 32px by 32px

Simply supply all the information needed (ensuring that the URLs for your company logos are valid and publicly accessible) and then choose the sites to which you want to apply the profile.

Then you select the sites on your account that you’d like to apply the profile to and save it.  iControlWP will then send out the profiles to all the sites and in a few minutes they’ll all be updated with your new branding information.

How do I get access to it?

White Label Re-Branding is an iControlWP add-on – it’s not included in the base WordPress management control panel and is a paid extra.

We’re currently offer it included with all packages except Starter so you don’t actually need to pay any extra.  And, if you’re already on these packages, your subscription has been updated to include it… you have nothing more to do except to start adding the profiles.

As with all our add-ons we don’t prevent you from accessing them regardless of the package you’re subscribed to. If you’re on a subscription that doesn’t include the add-on you can simply add it as an extra paid add-on to your account (this is the same for all add-ons).

Note: Unfortunately due to the complexity of the accounting and billing system, all new add-ons are available only through the new pricing tiers. This means that if you’re on a package that isn’t currently shown on the pricing page, you cannot add the white label or other add-ons. You will need to upgrade to one of the new packages.

Questions, Comments, Feedback?

We always want to hear what you think… so please do give it a go and if there is something missing, please let us know in our helpdesk, or drop us a mail.

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