Recurring Referral Rewards (it’s a bit like affiliate marketing, but nothing like affiliate marketing)

By 27th February 2017 April 12th, 2017 News

We’ve been asked quite a bit for a customer referral scheme. And we’ve also wanted to find the most sustainable and rewarding way to say thank you to our loyal customers.

Recurring Referral Rewards is our answer to this.

So what is our Referral Rewards Scheme, how can you get it, and what exactly do you get?

This is not an affiliate marketing scheme

What we didn’t want to do is reward random people, with whom we have no working relationship, for simply “bigging us up” and then referring people to our system for a cut.

We don’t want that for the obvious reason: it’s potentially highly deceptive.
Someone who doesn’t even use our services is in no position to tell other people how awesome it is.

Such reviews or recommendations can’t be trusted. That’s not our cup of tea.

Instead, we want to reward current and active customers who recommend us to other people.  When you read a review that uses a referral link, you can trust that person to be giving the recommendation because they are active clients themselves.

We reward you with perpetual, recurring credit

If you refer someone to us that ends up paying us $100, your reward should reflect that. And if you refer someone who pays us $1000, then your reward should also reflect that.

To achieve this, our rewards scheme is recurring and for the life of any active referral. It means that your reward for referring a customer never ends, until their subscription ends. You will receive bonus credit to your account for each and every month they remain customers.

“How much do I get in reward?”

We’re always fine-tuning this so that you get rewarded fairly, and it’s sustainable for us to do so.  This means it may change in the future, and be tweaked as we develop and monitor it.

To see the current rates, take a look in your account’s billing section and all referral reward details will be outlined in there.

“How can I get started with these referral rewards?”

It’s easy! We’ve created a unique referral link for you which you can, again, grab in your account’s billing page.  Simply use this whenever you link to us and we’ll track the referral so that when someone signs up with us, you’ll automatically get the credit for it.

A few things to consider:

  • We use a cookie to track this referral link, so if the person you referred doesn’t use the same browser to sign-up with us, we can’t track it. We’ll do our best to pick-up this cookie retrospectively, even after they sign-up, but we make no promises in our ability to do this.
  • The cookie will have a 1 year expiration
  • Referrals will be overwritten – i.e. the last person to refer us will get the credit for the referral.

“Can I get credit for previous referrals or missed referrals?”

Absolutely yes, but typically only if you know that person. They will have to submit your email address to us (again, in the billing area of the control panel) and the system will create the referral link – you will not be able to add previous referrals that you have made.

So drop your friend an email and ask them to put in your registered email address and you’re off to the races! 🙂

“I don’t want account credit, I want cold, hard cash”

This isn’t currently an option. If you refer so many people that the credit you accrue exceeds your current iControlWP subscription, you are free to add further services with us.

If you’re still exceeding your account subscription costs, then we’re open to discussing options. But for now, it’s rewards in the form of account credit.

“I have more questions about this”

Fire away in the comments section below! 🙂  We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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