Is there a way to set up different ways to …

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Comment on Multi-Factor and Two-Factor Authentication For WordPress – Shield by Borris.

Is there a way to set up different ways to authenticate a person trying to get into their wordpress site? Lets say I want the most secure way possible for myself to log into my website. I have a username and password and use Authy as 2FA. Authy only gives me 30 seconds to submit a code before switching it up. Thats easy enough for me to do, but what if I have a developer across town that needs to get in, and I want to make sure they need me to grant them access to get in? I cannot give them that Authy code fast enough. Can I set it up for them to get in with the email code that is sent out? Would I need to have multiple administrators on the account and have different methods of getting in?

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