Hi, Paul, I’m sure this has aleady been addressed, but …

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Comment on Security: Hide The WordPress Login and Admin Pages (wp-login.php) by Gerhard.

Hi, Paul, I’m sure this has aleady been addressed, but when I try to set my wp-loging url, I get “Warning: Can not use the Rename WP Login feature because you have the “Theme My Login” plugin installed and it is active.”

I have been battling to activate the Login Protection module without success (get a login error 500) and have eliminated the culprit to be My Theme Login, so i tried to rename the wp-login to “login”,as per the Theme My Login plugin.

Is there any way that I can fix this issue without removing Theme My Login?

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WordPress, WordPress.org, Data Mining, and Privacy
Big concern. POPI (Privacy of Personal Information) acts are being promulgated all over the world, specifically to safeguard the individual and organization/s that collect individual information, whatever the nature of the information. Ultimately, the POPI act states that the individual should have a means to agree to information sharing, as well as what information is shared, and for what purpose, etc.

I believe strongly in the security regime to implement a set of security rules that gives the individual the option to release some, or all of its permissible information, and then also a method of checking what information has been shared, and with whom.

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