Rekindle Your Delight In WP Security – Shield Central Now Available For All

WordPress security will never be the same again.

Shield Central, the only one of its kind, has been released to the iControlWP WordPress management platform.

It finally brings control of all your WP Security into 1 place. Instead of managing options one site at a time, you now control all your sites from a single dashboard.

No other control panel, plugin, or service, provides anything close to this level of scalability for WordPress security.

What does Shield Security Central offer?

Shield Central is built to give you back your time.

No matter what your business is, you could always do with more time to spend on it. WordPress management is much more than a side-gig or a distraction – it’s almost a full-time job in itself.

Many people earn very little, and sometimes nothing for the work they do in managing websites. But they do it anyway and as part of their service and this eats into the time they have left to spend on actually building their business and doing revenue generating work.

Shield Central fits perfectly into mission of iControlWP to reduce the time you spend on repetitive tasks. Time that can be better well spent.

Instead of micro-managing your site security, you instead manage from a macro-level. By creating security profiles, you can deploy sites and their security configuration in seconds instead.

What features does Shield Security Central provide?

  1. All Options Management. Manage all Shield Security options on all sites in 1 control panel
  2. Automatic Security Upgrades – Shield Central will keep your Shield Security up-to-date for you. One less job for you to waste time on.
  3. Security Profiles – forget basic import and export. Profiles will standardise security configurations with ease across your entire portfolio!
    • You can create as many Security Profiles as you need, and apply them to as many or as few sites as you require. It’s completely up to you, and completely unlimited.
    • You’ll also be able to import options from existing sites to create brand new profiles!
  4. Audit Trail Review – Read the audit trails for your sites from the same control panel and quickly assess problems without access to the site.
  5. Remote Debug and No Lock-outs – Since you can add/remove Shield from iControlWP if you’re locked out, you can get back in easily. But it’ll never come to that. Why? Because you can change settings from here and turn off the block – e.g. remove your IP from the black list, for example! ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. IP Whitelist Management – As with Shield Security itself, you can add specfic IPs to your site whitelists and remove IPs from the blacklist.
  7. On-Demand Scanning – Shield Security already runs the WordPress Core File Integrity scans for you. Now you can run it on-demand as you need.
  8. Priority Supportย – All Shield Central clients receive priority support for Shield
  9. More to come… this is just the very beginning. We will continue to grow the advantages of Shield Central to assist with scalable WordPress Security management. Watch this space!

How can you get Shield Central?

Shield Central is integrated into iControlWP as an add-on. Depending on your plan you may have to add it as an extra, or it’ll come integrated.

We’ve made it accessible to everyone and prices start as low as $5.00 / month for 10 sites.

Questions or comments?

As always, please fire along any questions or comments you have for us below.

Thank you for your support as always!

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  • This is a super time-saver for me! With (only) 20 client sites to manage, you’ve made plugin updates available in bulk and easy already. So now I can quickly adjust security settings across all or segments of my sites without logging in one-at-a-time. This will be especially helpful the next time that an attack comes down the pike, and you all have an immediate solution for it, and wa-la, I can implement that solution across all sites at once! (That is if you haven’t already been pro-active and updated the plugin to care for our sites before I even realize the attack is out there.) You guys rock! AGAIN!

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    • Paul G. says:

      Hi Lynn!
      We’re delighted you like it ๐Ÿ˜€ This is exactly what Shield Central is for – giving you the chance to jump on a new feature or update without the hassle of hopping over every site to make the necessary adjustments.

      We’ve got lots more on the way… this is just the beginning. Thank you, as always, for your support and enthusiasm for our work. It keeps us motivated! ๐Ÿ™‚


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  • John says:

    I have Shield Pro installed on my site. I used to install other security plugins to guard my site. However, they are simply not working. My site goes down several times. However, I come aross the Shield. It is doing a great work. No hassle any more. Their supports are effective and helpful. Thank you.

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