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iControlWP Logo 250pxAfter listening to feedback and suggestions from our clients, we’ve decided to change our name.

We were ‘Worpit’.

We’re now iControlWP.

Why we changed our name

Simple: connection.

Worpit has no meaning outside of Worpit itself – and that’s actually why we chose the name in the first place, so that there could be no overlap with anything else.

But this meant the name had no intrinsic connection with visitors and clients.

Any product/service out there that serves the WordPress community in any way has a WP in their name. This immediately identifies its basic scope.

Worpit, with its naming lacking the ‘WP’, had to start from scratch in communicating our message and connection with WordPress.  And in a market which seems to becoming a little more crowded, this left us at a disadvantage.

We had a few ideas and we ran it by some of our longer-standing clients and iControlWP stood out far and above the rest as the favourite.

People seemed to love it, as they explained they couldn’t quite understand and connect with the Worpit name.

What does this name change mean for you and our clients?

Nothing has changed as far as our clients are concerned – they still get the same awesome pricing and features and security. It’s business as usual for them and for us.

For new clients, again, nothing has changed. We haven’t hiked prices, and we haven’t done a complete re-branding – we don’t need to. We have a great name and reputation and we’re confident that’ll transfer quite quickly over to our new iControlWP name.

We wanted to originally bring this name change in alongside our new v2.0 release at the beginning of the month, but we knew that changing too many things at once is a recipe for disaster.

What about the WorpDrive name for our WordPress backup system?

For now, that remains as WorpDrive. We quite like it, and so do our clients. It has “geeky” written all over if you’re a Trekkie, but it works.

And, as we mentioned above, we know too much change at once usually does more harm than good.

It remains to be seen if we’ll keep it or rename it also.

Tell us what you think of our new name

Please let us know what you think of our new name in the comments below – and if you want to go to town on the old name, don’t hold back.

We’re looking forward to hearing what you all think! 🙂

iControlWP – Not just another WordPress Manager

From the beginning we’ve set ourselves apart from the rest of the WordPress Manager crowd and while we might have taken a step towards naming ourselves like the rest of the pack, we’re still unique and we’re still going to bring you a service that stands out.

If you want to see what iControlWP / W0rpit has to offer and experience managing WordPress with our all-new control panel, signup below and get the 30 day unlimited trial.

Still not convinced? Find out why our users are so happy 🙂

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