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By 15th August 2013 April 21st, 2020 Shield Security

Updating WordPress plugins is a chore.

We know. We built iControlWP to make this much easier to manage.

But when it comes to WordPress security, wouldn’t you want things to be even more automated?

Well with our auto-upgrade feature, it’s automatic with our Shield Security Plugin.

Shield Security now automatically updates itself

From v1.4.2 the Shield Security plugin will automatically detect when an upgrade is available and request WordPress to perform the update automatically.

Why is this so good?

It means that your WordPress will always have the latest security features and fixes available, and when it comes to security, that’s a good thing.

No software is perfect, and this goes for WordPress plugins. If you look at the changelog and support forums for this plugin, you’ll see there are fixes and updates to improve features that are already there.

Without the latest version installed, your site just isn’t as protected as it could be.

“I manage my updates! Why is this necessary?”

If you look at the stats for some of the popular plugins on, e.g. WordPress Twitter Bootstrap plugin.  There is a huge percentage of installations that are old. Some are very old.

In the case of this security plugin, we don’t want that. We want everyone up and running on the very latest code.

Of course, if you prefer to take care of your own updates… as with almost all aspects of this plugin, this is a configurable option. (see below)

Shield Security Auto Upgrade Option

Shield Security Auto Upgrade Option

Start securing your WordPress websites today

The Shield Security plugin comes with a whole host of configurable options designed to protect you against attacks on your WordPress sites and brute force login cracking attempts.

There is:

And there’s more to come!

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