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Comment on WordPress Security Basics Series Pt.3 – Web Hosting Isolation by Paul G..

Hi John,

Creating a separate account, e.g. cPanel to host another site on a shared server will grant you decent isolation. The permission of the users and accounts with access to 1 account typically do not extend to that of the other virtual hosts (the other accounts) on that server.

If someone gains unuauthorized access to the filesystem on Site A, they do not necessarily have access to that for Site B.

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Hi Terry,

Glad you like the new v7 interface.

The exclusions you mention for that scanner used to be in place but they got “lost” in the transition to v7. We’ve reinstated these and those filed will be ignored in the scan from v7.1 onwards.

Shield should be ignoring inactive themes and it already detects child/parent themes. Have a check to make sure your child-parent setup is exactly as you think it is. We’ve seen several cases where people thought it was setup as a child-parent, but it wasn’t…


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You can use our Shield Security plugin found here:

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hmm… I don’t know if that’s covered. Worth checking it…

Honestly, I wouldn’t be relying on that to have my back on this :/

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Hi George,

Shield does have this option – you’ll find it under the IP Manager module. It is a Pro-only feature so you’ll need to upgrade to access it. But at $12/year, it’s not a lot… and you get all the other Pro extras too 🙂


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Thanks so much, Tito. We really appreciate your support! 🙂

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