1 Shouldn’t the firewall be turned on by default when first …

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Comment on Shield – A Powerful WordPress Security Plugin by Russell Cohen.

1 Shouldn’t the firewall be turned on by default when first installed? I installed on a test site and left the config for later, only to find that it wasn’t yet even turned on.
2 No pressure, but any idea when we’ll be able to manage the configuration from within iControlWP?

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WordPress, WordPress.org, Data Mining, and Privacy
I think this is a concern. A large dose of transparency on the part of wordpress.org would have gone a long way to alleviate concerns. Yes, definitely there should be an opt-in/out process. When this becomes more widely-known, I think we’re going to see a small cottage-industry around stripping out those data…

A New Star Is Born: Cookie Cutter WordPress With Installation Templates
WPRoller is currently my WordPress installation method of choice, so I’ll be very interested to see whether Installation Templates can make a convert of me! (I actually discovered the new icon a couple of days before the blog post was published.)

Is the Installation Templates function going to be moved across to the Install WordPress tab at some stage?

Shield Security Features Round Up
“We plan to implement an interface to manage the WordPress Simple Firewall plugin across all your WordPress websites at once! This means you’ll never need to go to each individual website to install the plugin, change settings etc. You do it from 1 place.” Great news! Looking forward to that feature!

Reviewing The Growmap Anti SpamBot Plugin (G.A.S.P.) Update
Hi there,
I know that you guys are big fans of Growmap, and gave it a try on a couple of sites experiencing spam problems (in one case “attack” would not be too strong a word). I saw an immediate INCREASE in spam getting through, albeit ending up in the Spam queue. The reason appears to be that most of the spam is not fully-automated, but rather semi-automated (if I can use that term), i.e. the comment form is actually being loaded in a browser and the whole process emulates a legitimate user making a comment. The Stop Spammers plugin fortunately appears to have provided the answer to this type of spam, at least for now! You can check it out here:

Deploy / Clone Any WordPress Site
Can this be used to migrate a site to a new host, with the same domain name, or is it limited to cloning to a new domain?

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