The New WorpDrive v2.0 WordPress Backup Protection System

WorpDrive WordPress Backup Protection LogoExisting clients are already familiar with the peace of mind that comes with WorpDrive WordPress Backup Protection.

WorpDrive is complete backup automation that happens every day without their thinking about it.

To further improve performance and reliability, we’ve done some serious reworking and we’re just about ready to release WorpDrive 2.0

Read on to learn all about the new WorpDrive 2.0, what’s new, and how it affects you if you’re an existing client.

What’s new with WorpDrive Protection v2.0?

There are couple of things that are new:

Lifetime backups are gone

That is to say, we no longer maintain copies of your website data for life.

After we asked our existing clients what they wanted, lifetime backups never even appeared on the list.

This improvement means that if you prune your site, or remove files and data you no longer need, you wont be charged for storing the old backup data.

Much Improved Speed and Reliability

We leverage the services and reliability offered by the cloud computing giants, and are reducing our dependence on 3rd party providers.

Some of our clients will remember that June saw a 1 week outage that was completely beyond our control, because a 3rd party service provider went offline.

This pushed us to develop WorpDrive 2.0 to be much more reliable, much more available, with less downtime, and faster backup times.

And we’re happy to say that WorpDrive 2.0 delivers on all of these criteria.

Disk Space is now calculated based on each daily backup

Our clients repeatedly told us that they found our calculations for disk space usage to be confusing.

It was this way because we were offering “incremental backups”.

We would advertise 500MB backup storage, which sounds tiny by today’s standards, but is actually huge given the technology we were using – you could fit 100s of backups into that space.

This concept has proven hard to explain, so we’ve simplified it for everyone.

Instead of offering 500MB, we are now offering to store up to 14GB of your website backup data.  Yes… 14GB!

We will copy and store up to 14GB of your website data as part of the cost of your subscription.  You’ll not find that anywhere else.  : )

1 Size Fits All – No More Starter Edition

Until now, we had Starter and Pro subscriptions, where Pro came with more features and much more inclusive disk space.

We felt this was good in that it helped those people who have smaller websites get access to the technology.  The problem with this is that we were practically giving it away, and given our features, performance, the value we’re offering, and the work to maintain and run this service, we cannot feasibly continue to do this.

So, once WorpDrive v2.0 is released, WorpDrive Starter edition will no longer be available for purchase.

However, all existing Starter Edition subscribers will be migrated to a special WorpDrive v2.0 Starter Edition (which is only available to existing subscribers).

We will be offering 2GB of storage per-site to existing Starter Edition clients.  This is the equivalent of 20 x 100MB site backup images (currently 100MB is the disk space quota offered by Starter Edition for WorpDrive v1.0).

Again, given the cost of these subscriptions and features available, this is a huge amount of inclusive backup space.

Note: We will be offering an attractive upgrade option for existing Starter Edition users who want to upgrade to Pro and get the extra features – contact us for more information.

If there are no more lifetime backups, what is our backup window and schedule?

With WorpDrive 2.0 we will provide automatic backup rotation based on daily, weekly and monthly backup images.

This is an industry standard approach to website backup and disaster recovery, and we’ve adopted this as the foundation for WorpDrive v2.0

Every day, WorpDrive will backup your site:

  • It will keep the most recent 14 days of daily backups.
  • It will also store the most recent weekly backups of your site going back for 8 weeks.
  • Further more, it will also keep monthly backups for your site for the most recent 6 months.
  • This is 28 website backup images in total. If your website is 500MB, this would be equivalent to storing 14GB of your website backup data.

As mentioned before, Starter Editions will have the same system, but reduced rotation lengths. So starter would look like:

  • Daily: 10 daily backups
  • Weekly: 6 weekly backups
  • Monthly: 3 monthly backups.

This gives a total of 19 backup images, which for a 100MB site is around 2GB.

As an existing customer, what else should you know?

You should know that what you currently pay for your subscription will not increase.

We understand that as an existing customer, you have certain expectations of the service you have subscribed to. We are changing the product quite significantly with this upgrade and we understand it may bring some confusion.

All existing accounts on WorpDrive 1.0 will be converted to WorpDrive v2.0 in time. We will not be running both systems, so upgrading will not be optional.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in the support centre and we’ll happily answer your questions.

If you are an existing Starter Edition subscriber and are interested in upgrading to the Pro Edition before your conversion, please contact us and we will discuss the upgrade offer with you further.

When will WorpDrive v2.0 be available?

We plan to start making the latest WorpDrive available as early as Monday 21st October.

We will also begin to start converting accounts to the new system from that date.

Again, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly in the Support Centre.

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