WorpDrive: WordPress Backup With Unsurpassed Compatibility

By 17th June 2014 January 14th, 2016 WordPress News and Updates

WorpDrive WordPress BackupWorpDrive WordPress backup is just different.

In almost every way that a WordPress backup service can be different!

With WorpDrive you can finally relax. You’re covered.

We’ve just taken WorpDrive to an exciting new level… it’s now the most web-hosting compatible WordPress backup system in the world.

This simply means it almost doesn’t matter who you host your sites with, WorpDrive backup will work for you.

Common WordPress Backup Problems

Consider all these problems below and I’ll bet you’ve faced at least 1 of them with your WordPress sites:

  • PHP Fatal Out Of Memory Error!
  • MySQL server has gone away
  • Cannot write to disk – Disk Full / No space left on device
  • Cannot write to disk – Insufficient permissions
  • Cannot exec(), command not found or allowed
  • Your web host has a time limit on how long PHP scripts can run so you can’t backup fast enough!

Those are just some of the problems WordPress administrators, like you, face with every other backup plugin – and that’s just the backup.

Then you have to copy the backup data to a 3rd party storage.

THEN, you have to copy the data back to your server and upload a PHP restore script to recover your dead website.

Why does WorpDrive solve these problems?

All WorpDrive needs is FTP and PHP.

And that’s it. Simple.

You don’t need to ever worry about your backups again.  We do everything for you.

We automatically backup your site to our servers, exporting your database in an intelligent manner so as not to overload your servers and run out of memory.

We don’t need exec(), and we don’t need to write to your web hosting disk.

It really is ‘set it and forget it

WorpDrive’s compatibility is unsurpassed – now includes WP Engine!

We’ve just released an improvement to the WorpDrive database backup that makes it compatible with, dare I say, 100% of all modern web hosting providers.

When we export your WordPress database, we have three ways of doing so, and we select the best one to suit your environment – don’t worry, we’ll select it all for you automatically.

WorpDrive is also compatible with managed WordPress hosting providers that have super-restrictive environments such as WP Engine.

Experience The New Peace Of Mind From WorpDrive WordPress Backup

Grab the trial to iControlWP and WorpDrive today and discover just how easy it is to secure your WordPress sites from disaster.

All you need is a WordPress website and FTP.  We’ll handle the rest.

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  • Francis Porter says:

    I’ve been using this for over a year now on several sites and, although I have not had to restore a site so far, this is a great system. I’ve tried a few back-up systems and this is the best and great support too.

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    • Paul G. says:

      Hi Francis,

      Thanks for taking a moment to leave a comment with us. We’re delighted to hear you like the service and appreciate the trust you place in us to to ensure your sites are all secured.

      Thank you!

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  • Keith Davis says:

    Hi Paul
    I’ve tried lots of backup systems both free and paid – not had much luck with either.

    They either completely take over the disk space or they are not compatible with my service provider.

    I do all my backups manually via CPanel… it’s the only way I can be sure of actually getting a backup.

    I might give you guys a try.

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