The WordPress Twitter Bootstrap plugin lets you harness the power of Twitter Bootstrap from within your WordPress site.

No more:

  • manually editing your WordPress theme
  • downloading the Twitter Bootstrap libraries each time they’re updated
  • manually writing HTML to make use of Bootstrap components.

What great benefits come with the WordPress Twitter Bootstrap plugin?

  • Keep your site automatically up-to-date – we release a new updates as soon as new versions of the libraries are released.
  • Customize and pre-compile your design – we’ve integrated a LESS Compiler so you can customize your Bootstrap design right from within your WordPress site!
  • Make your site look Twitter-Bootstrap-Awesome! With the WordPress shortcodes we’ve provided, you can add Bootstrap components directly from within your Posts, Pages, and sidebar widgets
  • Speed up your site for visitors – this plugin lets you deliver both the Twitter Bootstrap and JQuery Javascript libraries using Cloudflare’s high-speed CDNJS service.
  • Optimize for how YOU need it – Many WordPress plugins don’t let you choose exactly how to use their components. With our plugins, you can always select features you want enabled, when you want them. E.g. You can disabled shortcodes, minify library files, add Responsive CSS if you want, include Bootstrap Javascript if you want etc.
  • Optional CSS libraries – Not only can you use Twitter Bootstrap, you can use Normalize CSS, Yahoo! Reset, and, even include a CSS file of YOUR choosing!

This plugin has been downloaded 180,000+ times and has an average 4.7 / 5.0 star rating.

Twitter Bootstrap Shortcodes Demo Page

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Sue Source 17th July 2015

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loogaroo 28th July 2015

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