Shield - Centralized WordPress Security

The Most Advanced and Easy-To-Use WordPress Security Plugin In The World.

9 Security Plugins In ONE

Combines 9 most powerful WordPress security plugins into one.

Fast & Easy Setup

All options are explained, with links to more details as you need them.

Powerful & Trusted Firewall

Advanced firewall rules – trusted and established for over 5 years.

100% Bot Protection

The most effective SPAM Bot Blocking for WordPress today.

The Shield Security Plugin Is Built To Keep You Safe

We ensure your WordPress sites are protected against a huge variety of attack vectors.

On-site security is never restricted to Pro tiers so you’ll always have the best protection available.

Shield’s Complete Security Coverage Overview

Powerful Firewall

Protection starts with traffic analysis. Shield immediately blocks malicious traffic that’s intended to infiltrate your site, execute malicious code, or by-pass authentication.

Super Admin

Shield is the only WordPress security system to enforce security upon itself. Set yourself as a Super Admin with Shield’s unique admin access controls.

Security Vulnerability Awareness

Shield is the only WordPress security plugin to test your plugins against databases of known vulnerabilities. Ensures your sites never carry known security risks.

WordPress Login Guard

Shield stands guard in front of your login by blocking brute force attacks from automated bots, and by hiding your WordPress login area from public access.

User Identity Verification

Shield uses two-factor authentication and real user sessions to ensure that users really are who they say they are. e.g. Google Authenticator

Eliminate Comment SPAM

Nearly all comment SPAM is from automated bots. Shield uses Bot signatures to intelligently filter and block all automated SPAM comments.

Track With The Audit Trail

Ever wondered what happens on your WordPress site when you’re not there? With the Audit Trail, Shield provides a clear view on events to help you track changes better.

Automatic Updates Controls

Shield leverages the WordPress Background Updates system to let you control automatic updates to WordPress, Plugins, and Themes.

WordPress Settings Lockdown

WordPress is open all administrators, even people pretending to be one. Shield helps you to easily block XMLRPC, employ SSL in the admin area, lockdown file editing access.

Full Security Feature List

  • 8x Strong Firewall Rulesets
  • Customized Firewall Responses
  • Administrator and per-page Firewall whitelist
  • Super/Security Administrator
  • Restrict Administrator access to plugins, themes, pages/posts, other users
  • User Sessions Management
  • Administrator Login Notification Emails
  • Restrict to IP Address / Limit Concurrent Sessions
  • Fully Automatic IP Address Black List System
  • IP White list Options
  • Login Brute Force Protection
  • Google ReCaptcha Login Protection
  • Enforced Login Cool Down
  • User Registration / Password Page Protection
  • Google Authenticator 2-Factor Login
  • Email 2-Factor Login
  • Yubikey 2-Factor Login
  • Rename WP Login Page
  • Full WordPress Activity Audit Trail
  • Comment SPAM Bot Protection
  • Google ReCaptcha SPAM Comments Blocking
  • Custom User Messages
  • Privacy-Protected Human SPAM Comment Scanning (vs. Akismet)
  • Complete WordPress Automatic Updates Customization
  • WordPress Core File Scanning
  • WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities Scanning
  • XMLRPC Blocking
  • Admin SSL Setting / File Editing Blocking

With a 4.9* Average Rating We’re One Of The World’s Most Trusted Security Plugins
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Security issues are a real concern. I use my website for business, so reports of hacking sites raise concerns even more. I haven't got the time to have to sort things like that out..

Shield does exactly what it says on the tin!! Easy to install, lots of support from the developers - really user friendly.

I would recommend this plugin to novices and experts alike!

By Careervisa

I hade several DoS-attacks on my website, which slowed down performance significantly. This plugin finally helped me to end these attacks. It's easy to handle and very reliable. Thank you very much, developers!!

By greweidi

The features from this plugin are well worth any investment. My sites have seen a dramatic reduction of attacks thanks to this plugin. Love it!

By mcarpint

Seriously folks...if I could, I would give this plugin a bazillion stars!

Since it's discovery and install, the Shield Plugin and team behind the scenes has gone above and beyond in securing my site, as well as my peace of mind

Thank you iControlWP are doing an amazing thing for the WP community with the development of this security plugin!

You'll wanna see it to believe it, like I do!

By Correen

This plugin makes the best protection overall I've tried a lot of security plugins, but this one does not force you to upgrade to a pro version. And why should it? I'ts already a Pro version!
For Free! I can't think of any other plugin where you get so much value for 0$$

Keep up the good work...

By grandt

No problem with compatibility. No slow page loads. Easy to install and configure. Does a great job protecting my site.

The biggest plus is the support.

What impressed me was the fact that this was a holiday weekend and still Paul felt I was important enough to help right away.

by grampike

Stop Fighting With Your WordPress Security Plugin

Discover the wonderful peace-of-mind that comes from automatic website security that does all the hard work for you.

Get Professional, Centralized Security

I use this plugin on ALL of the 20+ websites I manage for clients.

I have had no security breaches or compatibility issues with it in the year+ that I've been using it. It takes care of spam, too. Very well.

I also use their iControlWP plugin for website management and their WorpDrive service for backups; these 3 plugins make my job as a website developer -- which in my book means maintenance, backups and security too -- SO much easier, even pleasant.

They are proactive in updating all these plugins with new updates and features. When there are security scares for WP sites, I always get an email from this co. with thorough information in regards to the plugin and the scare and what, if any, action I need to take.

I've contacted them maybe a dozen times with questions and they get back to me right away, sometimes even when I think they should be sleeping in their timezone! I have set the plugin to update itself because I have no worries that they are thorough in their development and if there's a glitch, they'll be on it right away.

By Woodward Creative