One Central Dashboard

– Too many WordPress control panels to handle?

iControlWP brings everything into 1 convenient dashboard.

1-Click WordPress Login

– Logging in to each WordPress site becoming a drag on your time?

iControlWP is a great launchpad for your WordPress site logins.

Bulk Plugin/Theme Management

– Tracking and implementing updates across all your sites time consuming?

Run updates simultaneously on 1 site, some sites, or all. You choose.

Daily. Automated. Backups.

– Are your current backups unreliable, stressful and time consuming?

No longer! Integrate fully automatic, daily, offsite WordPress backups.

Fully. Automatic. Restores.

– Do you restore with ease, or do you dread it every time?

Set up a site restore and then forget it, with our automatic restores.

Testing Restore Sites

– Want to see what a backup looks like without restoring it?

Use our test restore sites system to launch a test site with your backup data.

High Security

– Worried about unauthorized access?

Lock down access to iControlWP with multi-factor authentication and IP address restriction.

Manage WordPress Security

– Worried that your sites lie wide open to hackers?

Scan your sites and manage key WordPress security settings.

Unlimited Site Groups

– Multiple Clients? Test Sites? Organisational nightmares!

Don’t worry. Manage your sites better in unlimited custom site groups.

Automagic Plugin Updates

– Want certain plugins to update automagically?

Go hands-free – Set any plugin to update automatically when a new update is detected.

Lock Plugin Updates

– Like your plugins just the way they are?

Lock plugins to a version and prevent automated and bulk updates on it.

Integrated First Aid Support

– Ever get lost, or you have questions?

Support is built right into the App so we’re just a click/email away.

Manage your WordPress security, backups, plugins and databases better. Start today!