The iControlWP Manifesto – Our Commitment To You

A manifesto… isn’t that a bit weird? Don’t we just offer a service on the Internet to people and try to make a few quid?

Well no, not quite. We’ve laid out the core of our ethics and goals so you know who you’re dealing with.

Our manifesto is less about what we do, and more of what you should experience.

Here goes:

You should always feel good when you get support

You will always be greeted with a down-to-earth, polite, and effective support system. We can’t always be everyone’s friend, but we can always be friendly to everyone.

You should always have access to easy (fun?) WordPress management

The service you receive will help you manage your WordPress sites to the best of your ability. It shouldn’t be hard, prohibitively expensive, and all the cool features must be available to everyone (no feature gating).

Before all other service considerations, your data security comes first

From day one we’ve made security of the system a top priority. It continues to be the case as we add new layers to the system to secure your data and your account.

You should only pay for what you use

To help see through our second mission statement, you should also feel that you’re getting a full value-for-your-money service. In this way we will ask you to pay only for services that you use.

You’ll spend less time managing your WordPress sites, and more time on your business

That is to say, iControlWP will be good at what it does! It’ll be effective in putting WordPress management back in its rightful place, allowing you to spend more time doing the things you enjoy day-to-day or in your business.

You should enjoy using our service

You can never stop improving a user interface and help documentation for a product, so this is something that we’re always striving to improve upon.

Compare Us

Take a moment and compare our commitment with our competitors – Consider how much they tell you what they want to do, and not what you get from them.

We are committed to you, not by fancy marketing and a sweet sales lullaby. No, your experience comes first.  We listen.

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What Just A Few Of Our Happy Clients Say

Believe me, I tried 22234234982 multi-WP websites manager and iControlWP is the one that worked on the FIRST try without any problem and it was maybe the easiest to use.

chrisbhmg Source 28th July 2015

Switched to iControlWP over a year ago - Fantastic Upgrade from ManageWP & Others.

Lawton Digital Marketing Source 28th July 2015

I am amazed how the developer has been able to combine so many rich and complex worpress features into 1 place.

Xtrememogul Source 28th July 2015