Since the day iControlWP was released, security has been our top priority.

All sensitive data stored within our databases is secured with AES 128-bit encryption, so at no time is sensitive iControlWP or client data ever human readable.

The following collection of articles explains many of the various security principles and techniques employed by iControlWP to maintain security and integrity of our data, and that of our clients.

iControlWP System Security

iControlWP Client Security

What Just A Few Of Our Happy Clients Say

I don't think there is a better product out there, particularly for the price. Source 28th July 2015

I am SO happy I have iControlWP and WorpDrive backup!

GraphicSupreme Source 28th July 2015

Anyone who manages more than one WP site needs this. It does what it says and at a price anyone should be able to afford.

kchayka Source 28th July 2015