Nice addition to the iControlWP security functionality. …

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Comment on WordPress Security: Authentication Keys and Salts by Ed.

Nice addition to the iControlWP security functionality.

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Understanding HeartBleed and iControlWP
Thanks Paul for making this clear and widely available to iCWP customers.
One note:
The test site you mention ( does have a problem with identifying some SSL hosts and although the site owner suggests in the FAQ it will be fixed, he is yet to do so all week. Error shown is: tls: oversized record received with length 20291

Yubikey + iControlWP take Security to the next level
Very nice addition to iCWP.

New Feature: WordPress Plugin Update Rollback / Undo
Hey Paul,
You know I think it’s a valuable feature after being hit with the cron update issue.
Thanks to you and the team for the continuing improvements.
iCWP just keeps getting better.

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