This is a super time-saver for me! With (only) 20 …

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Comment on Rekindle Your Delight In WP Security – Shield Central Now Available For All by Lynn Woodward.

This is a super time-saver for me! With (only) 20 client sites to manage, you’ve made plugin updates available in bulk and easy already. So now I can quickly adjust security settings across all or segments of my sites without logging in one-at-a-time. This will be especially helpful the next time that an attack comes down the pike, and you all have an immediate solution for it, and wa-la, I can implement that solution across all sites at once! (That is if you haven’t already been pro-active and updated the plugin to care for our sites before I even realize the attack is out there.) You guys rock! AGAIN!

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WordPress Update Notifications that let you be Proactive instead of Reactive
Hey guys!
I love this additional feature! Yes, I’d rather make updates sooner than later, assuming no issues. So a combination of your iControlWP settings that let me have some plugins auto-update and others update “on my command.” AND to have all updates able to be un-done through your system if necessary… You guys are SO on top of it! I love how pro-active you are in your feature development and responses to WP glitches/attacks.
Thanks AGAIN for a great set of WP products!

Get Your Head Straight With WordPress HTTP Security Headers
Again, you guys are thinking pro-actively. So appreciate your expertise and energy!

How To: 100% Trouble Free Email for WordPress with Mailgun
Yes, I was having trouble with one site’s email sends from the shopping cart. I installed the Mandrill plugin, and it solved the problem. I wish I’d come across your post before installing it, though, because you’ve done a great job of describing the problem and the steps to fix it, both why and how. Thanks, guys!

Further WordPress Admin Access Lockdown
I just enabled this. Right, it restricts ALL admins, but all I need to do as the super-admin (admin of all admins) is type in the key, and then I can do whatever I need to do just like before I enabled the Admin Access Lockdown.

I don’t know about the auto-updates and whether it makes a difference whether the auto-update is set on the plugin’s/theme’s settings in the site, or whether the auto-update is set via iControlWP (the most awesome WP-site management system which is made by these guys, the same who make the Simple Firewall plugin).

I bet they’ll clarify this here for everyone. Thanks, guys!

Automatically Block XML-RPC Brute Force Amplification Attacks Against WordPress
Thanks again, Paul!

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