Support For HTTPS WordPress Sites Added To Test Restores

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Since the day and hour we released our WorpDrive backup service, we’ve provided one of our most useful features you can get in a backup system – Test Restores.

Our Test Restores help clients everyday to preview their backups, run test upgrades, and much more.

When we launched WorpDrive Backup, SSL/HTTPS was something reserved for e-Commerce sites, and websites and services processing any sort of sensitive information.  But today, it’s practically everywhere.

This means more and more websites are running on SSL and until now, our Test Restores weren’t working for several of our clients.

Until now…

Test Restores Now Support HTTPS/SSL Enabled Websites

To build a Test Restores Site, WorpDrive builds a brand new site based of your selected backup data. It does this on our servers, performs some URL replacement therapy, and hey presto, you have a fully working replica of your website.

Before the days of LetsEncrypt, putting an SSL certificate on a websites was costly, and it didn’t make any sense to install an SSL certificate for a temporary website.

But now, with the help of the automation provided by LetsEncrypt, we can now install SSL certificates on Test Restores sites, extending its utility to all sites.

How To Use SSL-Enabled Test Restore Sites

There is nothing extra you need to do to build SSL Test Restore sites.

Simply create them as you’ve always done and the system will automatically switch your site to use HTTPS if your original site was using it.

Issuing these SSL certificates through LetsEncrypt can add an extra minute or so to the building of the test sites, but this shouldn’t be noticeable most of the time.

Any Questions or Comments

If you have any questions about our Test Restore Sites service, or SSL, or anything relating to this enhancement, please leave us a comment below.

Thanks as always for your suggestions for improvements.

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