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WordPress security is an important subject and we take it quite seriously. And so do our website visitors.

With version 4.6.0 of the plugin we added an optional “Plugin Badge”, where users of the plugin can add a small badge to the front-facing website to demonstrate to visitors that their websites are protected by the Shield Security plugin.

The Plugin Badge Is Optional

Displaying this plugin badge is completely, 100% optional.

It is not enabled by default, and you are free to remove it at any time if you either don’t like it, or it interferes with your website.

To enable or disable the plugin badge:

  1. Go to General Settings (for the Shield Security)
  2. Check or Uncheck the box for the option as desired.
Accessing The WordPress Shield Security Plugin Badge Option

Why would you want to display the plugin badge?

This serves 2 primary benefits:

  1. It lets visitors know that the owner of the website is taking security and protection seriously.
    Visitors will know that the website is secured through various mechanisms and they’re much less likely to be compromised themselves.
  2. It helps promote the plugin to users who haven’t yet considered WordPress security, or users who are looking for WordPress security alternatives.

You can also use it for the Shield Security Affiliate Rewards Scheme.

We automatically integrate your affiliate referral IDs in the Shield Plugin Badge, so that for any visitor that clicks the badge on your sites and goes on to purchase Shield, you’ll get the affiliate reward for this (15%).

Unlike other referral schemes that only give you once-off rewards, our referrals are for life.

We go into all the details here.

What will the plugin badge look like?

Shield Security Plugin Badge
Shield Security Plugin Badge

The badge released is very simple – it will be placed on the bottom-left of the page, with the plugin logo and a line of text. It will link back to a landing page outlining features of the plugin and a link to WordPress.org to download it.

The image shown here is how it will look and you can also see it on this site too.

Feedback and Ideas

If you like this little option, or you don’t, please let us know.  We are happy to hear what our users think about this and if you have any ideas on how you would to see it implemented better, please tell us.

Thank you!

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  • David Sims says:

    I have looked at this article and the option screen shot

    I have no idea

    a. What it will look like and b. where it would be placed

    As an exiting customer of yours I would pay for the firewall

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    • Paul G. says:

      Hi David,

      Well we have no plan to sell the plugin or create a premium version of it. But, we will be adding an interface to the plugin from within iControlWP itself.

      As to how the badge would look, I’ve added a little image to the article showing what the badge might look like.


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    • laurent says:

      Bonjour il sera placé a gauche en bas de l’article quand a l’image du plugin elle est en bas de page sur le texte
      bien cordialement laurent

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  • JJ says:

    Hello, just wanted to add some feedback. I really don’t mean to insult your brand, but I think some people might think a “simple security firewall” is not the best coverage. Of course, us users of WordPress know how awesome your product is, but others might not have that same knowledge. Just my 2 cents.


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  • Hi Paul,

    I’m (finally) looking to rationalise on the security-related plugins I use, and possibly replace some or all with the WP Simple Firewall. Here’s what my “suite” looks like at the moment. Any suggestions as to how this could be rationalised?

    All sites:

    – Jetpack Protect (formerly BruteProtect), and

    – All In One WP Security & Firewall, or
    – iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

    Optionally (for sites under threat):

    – Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening
    – BBQ: Block Bad Queries
    – WP Security Audit Log


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  • Marisa says:


    I’m not sure I like the idea. Like David, and as a happy user of the plugin, I’d rather pay for it.


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    • Tim Slazyk says:

      Seriously? Don’t worry, you can pay for “iControlWP Agency Pro”. I would like to know if we can be compensated as a affiliate for putting the badge on our sites? Regardless, I will use the badge but it would be a nice addition to entice people to use it.

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  • Gracey says:

    Personally, I think it’s a good thing.

    1. Honestly, being constantly bombarded by login attempts prior to using it, there are quite a few less “one-off” human attempts to try logging into my wp installation. Still, you get the darn amazonaws bot-users trying every 2 minutes, but most of the individual human attempts have petered out.

    2. Seriously, why wouldn’t anyone want to share the opportunity for other wordpress users to find out about the plugin?

    I’ve added it, and am happy to let others know about it.

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  • Gracey says:

    After adding the badge to my site, I do have an issue with it.

    The badge is not responsive, so on smaller screens it covers/partly covers the contents, and sometimes the advertising.

    Is there any chance you can make this a responsive image, or have an option to remove it on smaller screens and mobile devices?


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  • We would love to tell about this plugin, but ofcourse we dont want to show a HUGE WIDE BIG PICTURE … but a nice small one … either a widget, perhaps a html-code, perhaps something else …. and it should be abel to place it more or less where you want

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  • Alex says:

    I do want to support you because your firewall is by far the smartest and safest of them all, But the badge is not mobile responsive and also I am wondering whether it is a good idea to let the hackers know for sure what I am using to protect my site.

    That would also instantly give away the fact that it is a WordPress site. And I try to hide that from the buggers as much as possible.

    Good job in helping to make a difference.


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  • Vincent Hicks says:

    Great Job with this it is very much needed, would be glad to display it, thanks for not selling it.


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  • CssMfc says:

    The plugin does an awesome job. I want to make a small suggestion. The badge, can it be like a sticky bar? Displayed 100% width.
    I do understand that your option for a smaller (narrow version) looks pretty and doesn’t cover some elements from the footer area but it comes with an “x” – close button. Thank you

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  • Would be more than happy to be able to post badge . In the future, if we could post it permanently to page(s) with widget, shortcode…, that would be great. I use the plugin on eCommerce site and the more security I can present to the customer, the better.

    Thanks for a great plugin!

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  • Akeem says:

    I’ll definitely put it on the website if you can put it in a fix position on the bottom right of the website. It looks more professional.

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  • WPRDL says:

    Can I have a short code or similar HTML code to manual display it at the footer of the site ?

    Anyway, thanks very much for the plugin, especially not free version-premium version. I install your plugin, Wordfence and Itheme security plugin. My websites are safe with three security plugins 🙂

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  • Nikki Martin says:

    Hi! Love your product! Thank you so much for making it! Want to display the badge but need some more flexibility with it.

    Is it possible to just have the “Shield” logo on the left, then the whole badge reveal itself when clicked, instead of the other way (all upfront then click to disappear).

    Trying to match the vibe of the other badge I have on the right side of the site. Thank you!

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  • M@Web says:

    Hello, i enabled the badge because I think you deserve it, for the good service.
    I would to like to move it, by setting panel, somewhere as i want, actually i moved Top-Left with Custom CSS.
    I would also to be possible to translate and edit the message, color, image and font… of the badge.

    Nice plugin, nice Job !

    Before i’ve WordFence installed, your plugin i think that maybe is better.
    I said that I think so, because I have not yet received attacks and I don’t know yet if it is the same or better or worse than wordfence.

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    • Paul G. says:


      Thanks so much for the encouraging comments! They go a long way.

      We do have plans to make the button more customizable. The simple thing you can do for now is override some of the styles using CSS with the ID #icwpWpsfSiteBadge. It’s the only option for now, but we hope to provide more in the near-future.


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  • Seth says:

    Hi Paul, I love The Shield Security plugin for my sites – and I value your emails and blog discussions. I’d be happy to show the badge because you deserve it & it does rightfully reassure visitors. But, having activated & now deactivated it, I’ll wait for your versions which add some easy customizing (without coding) so that the badge doesn’t block content or graphics as others have commented on. Seth

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  • Hi,

    Instead of an overlay badge, I’d prefer a fix small icon in the bottom of my home page.

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