All-New Free WordPress Installer For cPanel Hosting

WordPressAnyone using our system from day 1 will be familiar with our easy WordPress Installer tool.

Since we released version 2.0 of iControlWP we had to pull it out – it basically didn’t work in the new interface and represented some of our earliest development code.

Since v2.0 went live, we released a WordPress Clone tool that uses our Guided Wizard system. The WordPress Installer uses an improved Guided Wizard system and is itself far more reliable.

Read on to find out more.

Fully Automatic WordPress Installer for cPanel web hosting

Just like the original WordPress installer, this uses cPanel web hosting to automate many of the WordPress installation tasks.

Below is a list of all the things you don’t need to do when you use our cPanel WordPress installer:

  • Download the WordPress installer package from
  • Open up an FTP connection to your web hosting and upload the WordPress installer packager – either FTPing every file, or upload and then unzip the package.
  • Create a new MySQL database on your web hosting and note down the database name, the username and the password.
  • Run the “Famous 5-Minute Install” – if you have all your new installation details to hand, this whole process can take about 2 minutes to prepare, and about 1 minute to complete.
  • Set up new Authentication Keys and Salts in your wp-config.php

Our average time to install a new WordPress site is around 3 minutes – there is no easier way to install WordPress!

Requirements for our cPanel WordPress Installer

Our new version of the WordPress installer requires your web hosting to use the cPanel control panel.

  • The URL or web address you want to install your new WordPress site to must already resolve its DNS to a valid cPanel web hosting account.
  • Your cPanel web hosting must have sufficient web space and MySQL database quota – the automatic installer will create a new database for you, so if you don’t have any more quota left, it wont work.
  • The cPanel credentials you use much have sufficient permissions to perform administrative actions on your cPanel account – such as create databases.
  • FTP must be active on your hosting – currently SFTP and FTPS are not supported.
  • You must not have a firewall in place blocking access to your cPanel or FTP – if you do, you must white-list our IP addresses.

Our Guided Wizard installer will walk you through each step and point out any problems as you go along. It’s easy, and you can’t wrong.

A point to note: future releases of the installer will support other options such as FTP & MySQL, and the DirectAdmin and Plesk control panels.

Our cPanel WordPress Installer is always free

It’s been free from day 1, and remains so now.

Whether you’re on the trial, a client with a subscription, or you just have the free 1-site account… you will always be able to use our WordPress Installer wizard to create as many new WordPress sites as you want.

So why not try it today? Sign-up for the trial now and see what else you can achieve with our iControlWP WordPress management control panel.

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