iControlWP 2.0 Set For True Pay-As-You-Go WordPress Management – Lock-In Prices Asap.

By 26th March 2013 January 14th, 2016 iControlWP: Manage WordPress Better

iControlWP WordPress Management LogoIt’s been an exciting time here at iControlWP since we released the 1st version of our service nearly 9 months ago.

The amount of development that has gone into the system in such a short time has been awesome 😉

We receive continual support and encouragement from our clients and we know we’re doing something right, judging by their feedback alone.

This week, the final week of March, will see perhaps our largest and most extensive release since we launched.

The only exception being our WordPress backup system, WorpDrive.

First – iControlWP becomes a true pay-as-you-go WordPress Management Solution

Anyone familiar with iControlWP already knows we don’t like horrible and restrictive pricing tiers in our WordPress management service.

We don’t have basic, standard, professional, business, bronze, silver, gold etc.

We just have On or Off.  You are subscribed to our standard service or you’re not.

But one thing we’ve also wanted to get rid of since we started was the need to purchase blocks of sites. That is, you need to buy site licenses in block of say 10 sites, or 20, 50, 100 etc.

No more!

Now we just have a minimum 5-site license, and every extra site is charged on a per-site basis.  So if you only have 7 WordPress sites? Why pay a 10-site license?  Just pay for 7.

This moves us far closer to the pay-as-you-go model where you only pay for what you use, when you use it.

Premium services such WorpDrive backup and website cloning are just that, premium extras that not everyone needs.

We don’t feel it’s fair to incorporate the cost of premium services into the base iControlWP price, when not everyone needs it.  Now compare that to other WordPress management solutions.

When you need our extra, premium services, they’ll always be there for you, but you wont have to pay crazy prices each month for the privilege to have access to them.

iControlWP Per-Site License Price Increase

Most people have told us from the beginning we’re priced way too cheaply.

Some days we agree, some days we don’t.

And, there are clients who say they love our pricing.

When we turn back to our manifesto, we feel our prices are inline with the service we want to provide.

We want to offer more, but we also want to be scalable.

With this release coming in a few days, we’re adding so many new features it’s hard to know where to start. The months of work that have gone into this release alone are many.

With new features and functionality come higher costs in terms of infrastructure and support. And we need to scale or we’re out of business – and this would be detrimental to everyone associated with this service, and even to those with our competition, believe it or not.

Lock-In Reduced Prices For Life, Today

Many of our clients have moved to us from competing products citing various reasons for doing so.

This is more than encouraging because it not only tells us we are doing something right, but that we’re doing something better.

If you’re on the fence, and you can’t decide which WordPress management tool you want, no problem. Perhaps our new release this week will sway you.

But, if you’ve already seen all that iControlWP offers, and experienced our top-class support, and you just haven’t had the chance to sign-up, then now is that time.

Why? Because we will never charge you more later, than what you’ve agreed to pay now.

If you subscribe to iControlWP before the new release, you will lock-in the current pricing per-site, for life.

It’s that simple.

Note: For WorpDrive Customers

If you’re a WorpDrive customer you already know that you can manage your WorpDrive-protected sites within iControlWP for free.

That’ll never change.

But the same price lock-in applies here if you don’t have a iControlWP site license subscription, as they’re different product subscriptions.

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