WorpDrive WordPress Backup Features #5 – No more stress, Reliable WordPress Backup

WorpDrive is stress-free WordPress Backup

WorpDrive is stress-free WordPress Backup

Can you imagine the feeling of knowing all your WordPress websites are protected with a reliable WordPress backup service?

Take a moment and think of all those frustrating little things you’d never have to do again (for every site!).

How is WorpDrive different?

WorpDrive is reliable.

WorpDrive is different: it’s reliable WordPress Backup

Have you ever bought a backup service and it doesn’t work on your web hosting?


We’ve all been there.

Do you…

  • get “PHP FATAL out of memory errors” with your backup plugin?
  • have problems copying to Dropbox / S3 / <fill in your storage provider here> ?
  • use lots of space on your server storing zip files of old backups?
  • contact the author of the plugin explaining how your backup doesn’t work?
  • search Google and support forums looking for people with the same problems as you?

You’re not alone.

This is considered “normal” for WordPress backups.

We decided to take a bold new approach to backing up your websites, something that was seemingly never thought of before:

we wanted to remove all stress and frustration from WordPress backups for good.

We have built WorpDrive to be super-reliable WordPress backup. This has taken a lot of hard work, but we’ve finally made it.

WorpDrive has a few special requirements that you must have on your web hosting before it will work.

But the cool thing about WorpDrive, is that we wont let you activate it unless your website meets these requirements, and passes the compatibility tests with flying colours.


Because we know how frustrating it is to buy a backup product and discover you have nothing but problems with it.

Sure, the problems might be because of your web hosting, or your WordPress configuration, or your PHP setup… doesn’t matter, it’s still frustrating.

If your website passes the compatibility tests, it’ll run WorpDrive without any issues. You can then be confident that your sites are backed-up and ready to be recovered the moment you need it.

What makes WorpDrive such a reliable WordPress Backup?

Your WordPress site is basically a software program.

It’s constantly changing because you update plugins, themes and WordPress.

WorpDrive backup system uses technology that software development companies use to manage their software.

And why not? Why shouldn’t you take advantage of the same tools that developers use, to keep your WordPress site protected?

WorpDrive has gone through many development phases before we deemed it good enough to be ready for you.

We didn’t rush it out, trying to make quick money off sales.

We tested, tested, and tested some more. Our beta testers can testify to this (thank you beta testers!).

Are your websites ready for reliable WordPress Backups?

If you sign-up to iControlWP today (for free) you can start testing your websites to see if they’re ready.

If you discover they’re not ready for WorpDrive, we’ll tell you what the problem is and you can ask your web host to help you fix the issues.

The requirements aren’t crazy, and most quality web hosting companies will support WorpDrive. We’ll soon have a list of recommended web hosts to help you find compatible web hosting.

Why is WorpDrive not free?

Some people contact us expecting WorpDrive to be a part of iControlWP and wonder why the backup system isn’t free.

If you believe you can find a backup system that is free or even costs the same as WorpDrive and has all the features listed below, we’d like to know about it:

  1. WorpDrive WordPress Backup is completely automatic
  2. WorpDrive WordPress Backup is secure
  3. WorpDrive WordPress Backup gives you proof that every backup works
  4. WorpDrive WordPress Backup lets you see inside every backup
  5. Many more features

Get the iControlWP Advantage Today!

iControlWP lets you manage your plugins, themes, and security (and much more) across all your WordPress websites from one convenient, secure, dashboard.

And it’s free to signup. No commitments, no credit cards.

Just good WordPress management.

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